The fundamental advantages of video therapy are convenience and comfort. Instead of traveling to my office—face the traffic, spend your time driving—you can schedule our sessions around your schedule at home or in your office. Your therapy doesn’t have to be put on hold because of your travel schedule. The crucial component of video therapy is you being in control of the time and space dedicated to therapy. All you need is a quiet space, where you can focus and connect.


For many people, video therapy seems to be just as effective as face-to-face therapy.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy seems especially effective in an online setting. In fact, there are some instances where it may be more effective, possibly because it focuses more on self-help. While more research is being done on video therapy, I have found it effective for many of my clients.

No method of therapy is good for all clients—just like no therapist is a good fit for all clients. Some people may be uncomfortable with technology. Others may be more likely to respond to treatment when they meet the therapist face-to-face.

Video therapy is the best option when you want to make the most of your time.


When done correctly, video therapy is as confidential as a visit to a therapist’s physical office. Technology needs to be HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant, allowing only the provider and the client to access the session.

For video therapy sessions, I use a platform called doxy.me. Doxy.me was designed specifically for medical/mental health providers and is HIPAA compliant. It uses a virtual “waiting room,” where you can “hang out” until it’s time for our appointment. It has a live chat feature which allows us to send messages. We can send and receive files and all transfers are encrypted and HIPAA compliant. You do not need to create an account with doxy.me—just enter https://doxy.me/drnorwood in your browser and you will be in my waiting room. Doxy.me only works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari—it does not work with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

I use TheraNest for securely accepting your signature and intake forms, processing payments, and sending invoices or receipts. TheraNest was designed for mental health providers and is HIPAA compliant. We can also send messages or transfer files through TheraNest, and all communications are encrypted and HIPAA compliant. I will email you a link that will allow you to get on the client portal and get the process started.