Video Therapy


Video therapy is psychotherapy via video and it is similar to face-to-face therapy in many aspects. Video therapy is perfect for you, if you want to get started and you need the flexibility to have the sessions remotely.   

Video therapy offers control and convenience. You can choose a setting where you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed, so that you can find it easier to focus and open up. The goal of video therapy is to encourage and simplify starting therapy.  Busy schedules and dense traffic can be a burden and may get in your way of taking care of yourself. Video therapy can make it easy to fit self-care into your schedule. Ultimately our goal will be to help you know and accept yourself in more meaningful and satisfying ways.

In video therapy we use video conferencing tools similar to Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts. The platform we will use is, which was designed for mental health providers and is HIPAA compliant.

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